Colours that add Beauty to your Home…

There can’t be a better language for emotions than colors. Colors have great impact in your mood. Each colors having different meaning. There are endless possibilities in experimenting with colors. In the case of interiors either commercial or residential there are some color scheme for each room. A professional interior designer can help you in choosing the exact matching color for your home interior. They knows that this is one of the best way to transform the look of a room.

Living Room

Colors for your dream home…

Dinning Room : Colors like Red and Orange are more suited. Because these are colors of energy,warmth and stability and also it stimulates the apitate.

Living Room : Colors like Orange, green and brown are good. These are colors of energy, stability, nature and very practical.

Bed Room : Pink, green, blue and purple are more suited. These are calming and restful colors. These are the colors of love.

Kitchen : Yellow is mostly used in kitchen. Yellow is the color of sunshine and energy.

Light colors are always better for ceiling. A combination of these colors are also used in home interiors. A good interior designer can help you to design the right proportion of colors.

You can discuss with your designer about your color concept and your favourite colours. Then they can easily select and design according to your taste.

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