Balcony design ideas and Decor Inspirations

Balcony is that spot where you can breathe and unwind from a full day of activity.. Our tips on balcony design will make your balcony functionally and aesthetically attractive.

Few things you can arrange and rearrange in this place every time giving the whole space a new look is by adding outdoor plants, some furniture, carpet rather durries, decorative lightings and decor.

Balcony design would vary from type of the house and type of the room it is attached. How you want to design your balcony depends on the area size.

But no matter how small it is, there is always some room for greens.

1.Adding Furniture

You can add table and chairs in your balcony to enjoy your leisure time. These furniture can be either fixed or foldable. If you have the luxury of space you can use swing for sure.. Do not hesitate to add pillows and cushions. Make sure they are colorful to make the space look vibrant.

2. Bring in Greenary

Slowly start adding a few plants, and as you learn the habit of taking care of them, you may go all out and add and many of them as possible. There are different ways in which you can add them, we will write about that too !

3. Flooring Styles

Designer tiles, pebbles and carpets are commonly used in modern balconies. Artificial grass turf carpets are one of the best option in the balcony floor.

4. Adding some Privacy and Shade

Waterproof curtains are great for closing off your space a bit and adding some shade too… You can even buy bamboo curtains that will create a more private space.

5. Decor Lighting

Hang some décor lights or lamps to make the balcony shine. Lanterns and candles, bulb and fairy strings and chandeliers are some of the lighting options in the balcony.

There are countless ways to design a stunning balcony in your home. I hope these tips will help you to design your balcony in your own way.

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