Protecting Home Interiors during Monsoon Season

Monsoons are one of the most exciting season of the year but at the same time the dampness and moisture are disastrous for interiors. Every home maker is worried about the leakages and cracks in their home, which are common in this season. Maintaining wooden furniture from moisture is also a task. Here are some tips to protect your home and furniture.

Wall protection

First and foremost check the shades because it will prevent the water from coming inside your home. Check all your walls and roof for any crack. Ensure any such detection is attended to immediately and protect them with waterproofing solutions and paints. If you see rust on metal grills, ensure to paint them before they rust any further. 

Furniture protection

Keep your furniture away from the walls and windows as the moisture will damage it. Don’t use any wet cloth to clean the furniture. Use dry clothes to remove the dust. Place naphthalene balls/purifiers in wardrobes to prevent termites. You can use neem leaves in a small fabric pouch and place them inside your wardrobes.

Floor Protection

Hardwood flooring needs maintenance. Make sure they are free from moisture. Otherwise protect it by wax polish. Tile joints in the bathroom should be checked and sealed both on floors and walls.

Carpets and Rugs

Make sure to keep the carpets moisture free during monsoon season. They should be vacuumed regularly to avoid dust and moisture. Use herbal antimicrobial solutions and fabric disinfectants to ensure protection from fungal and bacterial growth.


In living areas use sheer curtains to allow maximum sunlight inside the house. Ensure proper cross ventilation, this will keep the space clean and healthy as you are allowing air circulation throughout the home.

We hope that the above tips are helpful to you.

Abode & Beyond is continuously inspired to share our knowledge with the community to help folks facing practical challenges maintain their homes.

Have a happy monsoon..!!!

Note: Image credit – Track2realty


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