Living Room Design Ideas…

Every room having some design challenges. In the case of living room, it is the one which you spend most of your time. Also this is the room that visitors will seen first. Everything matters, what type of furniture is using and also where to arrange the furniture. The arrangement is difficult if the space is small. So try to do something to make it spacious.

Flooring in Living Room

open living room with fireplace and wood floors

Hardwood, Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain tile, Marble, Concrete, Vinyl, Laminate, Painted wood etc are some of the flooring materials. These are commonly used flooring materials. The flooring materiel color should match with the wall paints used in that area. Then it will be more good to see and also gives sufficient light in the room. Use good quality and affordable materials. If you need any help our team will ready to give the guidance.

Living room furniture

Furniture in the living room creates a welcoming look. Choose an attractive sofa as the centerpiece. Then introduce pattern with a mix-and-match collection of patterned cushions and a geometric rug. Place a bookshelves in any corner and arrange your reading collection there. That will be the main attraction for your guests. The modern TV units are arranged in a large space. Most of the people preferred wall mounted TV unit with a table below containing gadgets, books and other accessories.

Wall arts in the living room

Wall arts are one of the main attraction in the living room. You can use paintings, Photo collage or wallpapers for decorating the living room. There are some rules for placing the arts in the wall. The dimensions are important. The painting size should not be larger than the furniture near to that. It should be same or smaller than the furniture piece. Otherwise it looks weird. The height of the wall art from the floor is 6 to 8 inches. It is better to place it in the eye level.

False ceilings are one of the latest trends in modern interior. They are light in weight and moisture resistant. False ceilings can be made from different materials including Gypsum, Mineral Fiber and Metal. By using this we can do some decoration in the ceiling also.

There are so many other things to decorate the living room. We can add some plants in the living room. Indoor plants are trendy now.

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Every parent needs their child to be happy and comfortable in their bedroom. So it is the most challenging room to decorate for an interior designer. Also the room should have enough space to play and have fun. After growing up the child starts using their room as their study room. So always design their bedroom in that way.

To start decorating by using a color theme. Either you can select a color or an item for main focus of the room. Sometimes people select bed or shelf as their main focused item. Next you need to concentrate on lightings. Proper lightings should be there. It will be better if there is sufficient ventilations in the room so that the natural light will come in the room. It is good to add one bedside lamb in the room.

Apart from other rooms kid’s room needs more imagination and also consider safety needs while choosing decorative items for kid’s room. Keep electrical cords out of the way so children keep from grabbing them.

Design one small table and a comfortable chair essential for their studies. There should be lot of storage racks in the room. This will help child to neatly arrange their things. Separate space for arranging toys. So that after playing they can neatly keep their toys. Include one shelf for displaying your child’s artwork, hobbies and projects.

Selection of adorable items in the room will makes the bedroom more beautiful. Create a perfect space for your child to play, relax and do their day to day activities like homework and all other study activities.

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