Simple Table Decor Ideas

Tables or chest of drawers are the most dynamic pieces of furniture in any place. You can spot them outdoors, indoors – in multiple locations each having a different meaning and use.

What is more outstanding is the way each of them can be styled differently on a different occasion. Sometimes you see them styled based on:

Everyday style – something that’s easy on maintenance

Seasonal style – Can be colour based depending on a particular season

Festival style – Like Diwali, Holi, Christmas and more

Special occasion style – Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Shower and more

Location – A style of a hotel vs a home

Geographical location – An Indian style may significantly vary from that of an American style

Today, we are looking at some basic ideas on how to style your foyer tables and dining table tables on different days using different elements, and as you do this, along the way you can start adding multiple components and find a right balance that appeals to you.

Foyer / Entry way

In the context of homes, foyer tables usually are stylish pieces of furniture mainly decorative used to keep items like keys, posts etc. They can be styled using decorative items likes vases, flowers, candles, photographs, mirror, frames, books, baskets, and/or artifacts. They can be styled minimally or sometime using multiple elements. Use the below tip to style your foyer table.

You may change the elements based on occasion or season

Image ref –  Pinkz passion

Season based style:

For instance, in spring season, you can add some fresh flowers and greens to your foyer table and enjoy the bloom season every day.

Image ref – Home Style Saturday 234 – Southern Hospitality (

Image ref – Indian Wedding Decor Inspiration (

Dining Table

When styling a dining table, you will see the elements used here change as compared to a foyer table. Here we can see items like flowers, fruits, candles, table runners, decorated with tableware being used more commonly. You may also keep few smaller items together in a tray or a holder that gives it an overall themed look.

Everyday style

Image ref8 Décor Tips For Your Dining Table Everyday – Classic Casual Home

and and

Décor using Fruits & Flowers for a party day !

           / pintrest          /


 Occasion based style

This is one of the things we encounter most commonly where we do up the table based on a personal event like anniversary or a birthday party for a young one. Usage of tableware along with décor may vary based on what you may be celebrating for instance if you are celebrating a romantic evening, you can use candles, flowers of your choice along with flowing fabrics and tableware of your choice vs for a kid’s birthday you may use balloons, colour paper, and disposable cutlery based on the theme you may choose. /

Centre table or Coffee table

Next most widely used piece of furniture is a centre table and most commonly used items here are small planters, books or magazines, decorative figurines, souvenirs, collectibles, candles or dry flowers and most the most stylish way to combine these elements to find a right match. Like the foyer and dining table, elements may vary based on a variety of factors. Let’s see some examples of centre table décor

image ref – pinkz passion / /

Indian Festive Style

A glamourous coffee table décor – the secret tip here is usage of reflective surfaces like mirror or metallic elements like golden, silver, rose gold and such others along with some rare or unique collectibles.

Ref – pintrest

Remember when you style, it should be a reflection of your personality !


Protecting Home Interiors during Monsoon Season

Monsoons are one of the most exciting season of the year but at the same time the dampness and moisture are disastrous for interiors. Every home maker is worried about the leakages and cracks in their home, which are common in this season. Maintaining wooden furniture from moisture is also a task. Here are some tips to protect your home and furniture.

Wall protection

First and foremost check the shades because it will prevent the water from coming inside your home. Check all your walls and roof for any crack. Ensure any such detection is attended to immediately and protect them with waterproofing solutions and paints. If you see rust on metal grills, ensure to paint them before they rust any further. 

Furniture protection

Keep your furniture away from the walls and windows as the moisture will damage it. Don’t use any wet cloth to clean the furniture. Use dry clothes to remove the dust. Place naphthalene balls/purifiers in wardrobes to prevent termites. You can use neem leaves in a small fabric pouch and place them inside your wardrobes.

Floor Protection

Hardwood flooring needs maintenance. Make sure they are free from moisture. Otherwise protect it by wax polish. Tile joints in the bathroom should be checked and sealed both on floors and walls.

Carpets and Rugs

Make sure to keep the carpets moisture free during monsoon season. They should be vacuumed regularly to avoid dust and moisture. Use herbal antimicrobial solutions and fabric disinfectants to ensure protection from fungal and bacterial growth.


In living areas use sheer curtains to allow maximum sunlight inside the house. Ensure proper cross ventilation, this will keep the space clean and healthy as you are allowing air circulation throughout the home.

We hope that the above tips are helpful to you.

Abode & Beyond is continuously inspired to share our knowledge with the community to help folks facing practical challenges maintain their homes.

Have a happy monsoon..!!!

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How and Where to use Art work or Painting in your house?

As we evolve, our homes also evolve with us, but what remains is memories of the past in forms of photographs of the best times and best places seen and most beautiful activities experienced.

Creating a gallery wall by adding Painting and artwork makes home more pleasant and attractive too !. Identify spots in your house where you can put up these memories. We have listed down a few below.

1.Foyer wall – ideal for collectibles like souvenirs

2. Sofa back wall – ideal for painting / art work

3. Formal living room – ideal for studio photographs like family photos or photos medal or awards from college & universities.

4. Dining or informal living room – ideal for private and intimate photographs or photographs of children

5 stair case or passage – intimate family and friend’s photos

People wish to buy different varieties of paintings or art work even though they don’t have proper ideas on selection criteria, in that case an interior designer can definitely help you. They can identify the difference between quality art and commercial art and also they can suggest you the right places where you can buy these pieces without making a hole in your pocket.

You should have some creative thinking on this for proper arrangement. In today’s world you will get more expertise’s to add some more attractive ideas to make your ideas more effective.

There is a quick tip to do this – Arrange all the pieces on the floor first and take a snap, compare your options and just go for what you like best.

Commonly used wall décor ideas are artwork, paintings and photo frames. You have to consider these things when you do the arrangement.

1.Selection or Sizing of artwork

Selection of suitable artwork which suits your home and matching with your wall colors.  Invest your valuable time for the selection because it is important activity which will impact of your personality and passion. One general criteria if for selection is For narrow walls you can use small frames and if the wall is big you can use larger frames. Based on the wall space you can use multiple frames or one large frame will be more effective.

2.Placement of artwork

Placement of art work require more creative ideas it is better to gather more ideas from your family, friends and designers suggestion add more valuable to ensure the right thing ant right place. A very small painting can be easily overshadowed by nearby furniture. Artwork that is too big for a room will also break the aesthetic balance. Hang your wall art at eye level. If you are placing your artwork over a piece of furniture, then it should not be wider than the width of the furniture. Art should be about 50 – 75 % of the width of the furniture. Place it one hand width above the furniture.

3.Arrangement of wall décor

Image credit: lush home home decor ideas

Before starting decorative activity on your wall try a small arrangement on your table or floor and try multiple rearrangement until you find your perfect combination which is available in your imagination. Take two or three people support to fix your art on the wall and to check the arrangement.

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Decorating Rental Homes without spending a lot…

Do you know why every home is different from another? People say that your home is an extension to your personality and it can reflect a lot about you as a person. Of course when your friends come home and compliment you about the way home looks, you feel elevated.

Every individual is unique in their own way and so are their choices. It is easy to set up a home when you don’t have to worry about the owner fussing over small things, but the real challenge is when you stay in a rented property and tight on budget.

It’s important to understand that you can not do this overnight, it is an indulging process, so do it from all your heart.  Here are a few tips to make a boring , unimpressive space look bright and uplifted.

Wall Paints

Well, this is one of the most economic ways in which you can do up the walls of a certain space. Find a suitable wall and you can get them painted from a professional painter or paint it yourself. The choice of colour can depend on your likes of course and how much natural light is there. If you do not receive a lot of natural light, you may want to avoid dark colours, especially if you read or study in this place.

To this new background wall, you can now do a variety of things  like stencil , wall sticker and a few more that you can find out below.


Everyone knows this, but for some reason they believe it’s a lot of hassle. Quite frankly this is most simple and best option. Firstly, its economical (starts from about Rs 30/- per sft) and it’s a clean job. There is zero dust in this process as compared to the painting work.

Also you can get a larger variety of design and colors as against wall paints or even stencil/sticker for that matter. Its recommended that you get the wallpaper fixed using a service of a trained wallpaper installation team.

Photo frames / Paintings / Wall décor pieces

Let us talk about these one by one.

Photo frames – We all have some memories that we will cherish forever, no matter what. And what is the best way to remember them over and feel joyful about it ? Frame it. !

Its super easy on the pocket -Try this and you can thank me later, for when your friends and family come over, its definitely going to be a part of your dinner conversation remembering those good old days.

Paintings – At some point in everyone’s life, you would have worked with paints right ? OK, if they are not worthy of a display on your wall, you can always buy the ones you like. But the most important thing here is that you do not hang them on the wall simply because you saw an empty space there. If you don’t have any emotions or affection towards the piece of art, don’t bother, there are a lot of things we can do with that wall.

Wall décor pieces – Let us take a look at the choices that we have today with art pieces and the variety of material that is used to make them. I am just jotting down a few below , each of them can be dealt with individually as per space available, but let us look at few options and suggested places to buy them.

  1. wooden art work – Mysore , jodhpur
  2. porcelain and ceramic art work like plates – Rajasthan – famous for blue pottery
  3. metal art works – available online at great prices

Souvenirs / Décor

While you are still reading this, you may feel related to the tips mentioned above , but this is going to be your take from here today.

We all travel and blindly buy items that we call souvenirs, but what do we ultimately do with them ? Well, next time you buy them, be more mindful about your choices. See what is available and from that collection, if you can buy that 1 thing that can be displayed and can remind you of your vacation , trust me it is not an expenses but an investment that you have made.

Dedicate a wall in your house where you put up your collection of these items. As you put them together , just stand in front of that wall and you will see experiences and not just souvenirs. Next time you want to tell your children enriching real stories – use these !

If you look out for great work then these don’t come very easy on the pocket, but these are investments that you make for lifetime. These can be carried over by generations to come.

You may also have display unit / or a wooden shelf where you can out up smaller pieces or mix them up with paintings or photo frames.

 Plants & décor

Well, I know plants are not just décor but your babies, but I am clubbing it here with décor, because now is when we add colour to the space.

Set up indoor plants and balconies with your choice of plants. These are inexpensive, and with time they only make your space look more beautiful. Usage of colorful rugs , cushions, décor pieces (please do not buy anything for the sake of buying) throws, runners, drapes , sheers ,tapestry and such others can transform your living spaces from dull to impressive.

Indoor succulent plants makes a greenery in your home. You can place it in your window sill, living rooms and even in kitchen and bathrooms.

These simple and affordable rental friendly decorating tips makes your rented home more attractive and decorative. For more ideas and inspiration visit Abode & Beyond

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NB:- Images used are representative only. Taken from various platforms using various mediums. We do not claim all of these to be our photos.

Living Room Design Ideas…

Every room having some design challenges. In the case of living room, it is the one which you spend most of your time. Also this is the room that visitors will seen first. Everything matters, what type of furniture is using and also where to arrange the furniture. The arrangement is difficult if the space is small. So try to do something to make it spacious.

Flooring in Living Room

open living room with fireplace and wood floors

Hardwood, Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain tile, Marble, Concrete, Vinyl, Laminate, Painted wood etc are some of the flooring materials. These are commonly used flooring materials. The flooring materiel color should match with the wall paints used in that area. Then it will be more good to see and also gives sufficient light in the room. Use good quality and affordable materials. If you need any help our team will ready to give the guidance.

Living room furniture

Furniture in the living room creates a welcoming look. Choose an attractive sofa as the centerpiece. Then introduce pattern with a mix-and-match collection of patterned cushions and a geometric rug. Place a bookshelves in any corner and arrange your reading collection there. That will be the main attraction for your guests. The modern TV units are arranged in a large space. Most of the people preferred wall mounted TV unit with a table below containing gadgets, books and other accessories.

Wall arts in the living room

Wall arts are one of the main attraction in the living room. You can use paintings, Photo collage or wallpapers for decorating the living room. There are some rules for placing the arts in the wall. The dimensions are important. The painting size should not be larger than the furniture near to that. It should be same or smaller than the furniture piece. Otherwise it looks weird. The height of the wall art from the floor is 6 to 8 inches. It is better to place it in the eye level.

False ceilings are one of the latest trends in modern interior. They are light in weight and moisture resistant. False ceilings can be made from different materials including Gypsum, Mineral Fiber and Metal. By using this we can do some decoration in the ceiling also.

There are so many other things to decorate the living room. We can add some plants in the living room. Indoor plants are trendy now.

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Every parent needs their child to be happy and comfortable in their bedroom. So it is the most challenging room to decorate for an interior designer. Also the room should have enough space to play and have fun. After growing up the child starts using their room as their study room. So always design their bedroom in that way.

To start decorating by using a color theme. Either you can select a color or an item for main focus of the room. Sometimes people select bed or shelf as their main focused item. Next you need to concentrate on lightings. Proper lightings should be there. It will be better if there is sufficient ventilations in the room so that the natural light will come in the room. It is good to add one bedside lamb in the room.

Apart from other rooms kid’s room needs more imagination and also consider safety needs while choosing decorative items for kid’s room. Keep electrical cords out of the way so children keep from grabbing them.

Design one small table and a comfortable chair essential for their studies. There should be lot of storage racks in the room. This will help child to neatly arrange their things. Separate space for arranging toys. So that after playing they can neatly keep their toys. Include one shelf for displaying your child’s artwork, hobbies and projects.

Selection of adorable items in the room will makes the bedroom more beautiful. Create a perfect space for your child to play, relax and do their day to day activities like homework and all other study activities.

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Trending Interior Designs…

In case of interior design, trends are inspiring and they act as a guide to decorate or update your space. You can design your space with the things that you love and the things that remind you of good times.

Its time to look for the colors and trends in interior designing in this year. This year is taking a more mindful, lifestyle based approach to the development of new shades. Brighter colors and larger prints used in rooms. Neutral colors preferred in bathrooms. For furniture dark colors are highly used. Yellow is a trendy color for sofas. People go for Matte finishes than glossy finishes. Matte finishes helps to tone down the boldness of bright colors and it brings a relaxed ambience in the room.

There is a tendency to go for black and moodier hued kitchens. All white kitchens are preferred earlier. But it is really harder to keep clean on a daily basis. People love matte finishes for kitchen cabinetry because it is quite attractive and easier to clean.

This year we can see there is a trend to coming back to nature. Indoor plants are again trendy in this year. Natural stones and metal elements will be a part of decorating trends in this year.

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Colours that add Beauty to your Home…

There can’t be a better language for emotions than colors. Colors have great impact in your mood. Each colors having different meaning. There are endless possibilities in experimenting with colors. In the case of interiors either commercial or residential there are some color scheme for each room. A professional interior designer can help you in choosing the exact matching color for your home interior. They knows that this is one of the best way to transform the look of a room.

Living Room

Colors for your dream home…

Dinning Room : Colors like Red and Orange are more suited. Because these are colors of energy,warmth and stability and also it stimulates the apitate.

Living Room : Colors like Orange, green and brown are good. These are colors of energy, stability, nature and very practical.

Bed Room : Pink, green, blue and purple are more suited. These are calming and restful colors. These are the colors of love.

Kitchen : Yellow is mostly used in kitchen. Yellow is the color of sunshine and energy.

Light colors are always better for ceiling. A combination of these colors are also used in home interiors. A good interior designer can help you to design the right proportion of colors.

You can discuss with your designer about your color concept and your favourite colours. Then they can easily select and design according to your taste.

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How to make the Room feel Spacious?

Home is a place we all love to spent our free time and it is a place where we want to return to. It is said that our home reflects our personality. An interior designer can help you to make your house into a dream home. He can help to decorate or renovate your small space rooms to a comfortable one. There are some tips to make your small rooms into spacious rooms. The furniture, paint color, rugs, mirrors and everything matters.

Living Room Interior

Each object in the room plays a big role in designing a room weather it is small or big.

Use lighter colors for smaller rooms and furniture. Which makes the room feel bigger.
Use some light weight furniture like a sleek sofa and chairs. Always leave a little space in between wall and furniture.

Round tables are better for your dinnig room when there is not enough space. When dealing with small rooms arrange the furniture in one corner so people will get a passage. If possible use linen like lightweight material for curtains, which will increase the airiness in the room. If you go for a wallpaper or a painting then use one wall for that and leave the rest of the room.
Use of mirrors gives more light to the room. So place it in an appropriate height.

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