Storage Spaces in your Abode…

Everybody needs more storage space in their home. Try these smart storage ideas for your home.

under staircase storage

Odd spaces like under staircase area and under window space are good for making extra drawers.

Most of the people are wasting this area by leaving it free. But it will be very useful for small homes.

Furniture storage is also populor nowadays. We can make storage under bed, sofa and tables. You can buy a bed frame with drawers built into it. Either you can lift or slide the sides to open it. You can store rarely used items inside that. Sofa cum bed is also best option for small rooms.

kid’s room storage

In kid’s room also you can add more racks for storing kid’s toys and other items.

Also arrange beds one above the other to save space.
At the back of the door you can hang kid’s toys and other hangable items.

In kitchen make cuboards in island part of the kitchen. You can store bulky kitchen accessories there. So your kitchen looks clean always.

Hope the above information gives you some idea for storage. You want to know in detail please visit our company website Abode & Beyond, the best interior designer in Bangalore.


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