How and Where to use Art work or Painting in your house?

As we evolve, our homes also evolve with us, but what remains is memories of the past in forms of photographs of the best times and best places seen and most beautiful activities experienced.

Creating a gallery wall by adding Painting and artwork makes home more pleasant and attractive too !. Identify spots in your house where you can put up these memories. We have listed down a few below.

1.Foyer wall – ideal for collectibles like souvenirs

2. Sofa back wall – ideal for painting / art work

3. Formal living room – ideal for studio photographs like family photos or photos medal or awards from college & universities.

4. Dining or informal living room – ideal for private and intimate photographs or photographs of children

5 stair case or passage – intimate family and friend’s photos

People wish to buy different varieties of paintings or art work even though they don’t have proper ideas on selection criteria, in that case an interior designer can definitely help you. They can identify the difference between quality art and commercial art and also they can suggest you the right places where you can buy these pieces without making a hole in your pocket.

You should have some creative thinking on this for proper arrangement. In today’s world you will get more expertise’s to add some more attractive ideas to make your ideas more effective.

There is a quick tip to do this – Arrange all the pieces on the floor first and take a snap, compare your options and just go for what you like best.

Commonly used wall décor ideas are artwork, paintings and photo frames. You have to consider these things when you do the arrangement.

1.Selection or Sizing of artwork

Selection of suitable artwork which suits your home and matching with your wall colors.  Invest your valuable time for the selection because it is important activity which will impact of your personality and passion. One general criteria if for selection is For narrow walls you can use small frames and if the wall is big you can use larger frames. Based on the wall space you can use multiple frames or one large frame will be more effective.

2.Placement of artwork

Placement of art work require more creative ideas it is better to gather more ideas from your family, friends and designers suggestion add more valuable to ensure the right thing ant right place. A very small painting can be easily overshadowed by nearby furniture. Artwork that is too big for a room will also break the aesthetic balance. Hang your wall art at eye level. If you are placing your artwork over a piece of furniture, then it should not be wider than the width of the furniture. Art should be about 50 – 75 % of the width of the furniture. Place it one hand width above the furniture.

3.Arrangement of wall décor

Image credit: lush home home decor ideas

Before starting decorative activity on your wall try a small arrangement on your table or floor and try multiple rearrangement until you find your perfect combination which is available in your imagination. Take two or three people support to fix your art on the wall and to check the arrangement.

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Trending Interior Designs…

In case of interior design, trends are inspiring and they act as a guide to decorate or update your space. You can design your space with the things that you love and the things that remind you of good times.

Its time to look for the colors and trends in interior designing in this year. This year is taking a more mindful, lifestyle based approach to the development of new shades. Brighter colors and larger prints used in rooms. Neutral colors preferred in bathrooms. For furniture dark colors are highly used. Yellow is a trendy color for sofas. People go for Matte finishes than glossy finishes. Matte finishes helps to tone down the boldness of bright colors and it brings a relaxed ambience in the room.

There is a tendency to go for black and moodier hued kitchens. All white kitchens are preferred earlier. But it is really harder to keep clean on a daily basis. People love matte finishes for kitchen cabinetry because it is quite attractive and easier to clean.

This year we can see there is a trend to coming back to nature. Indoor plants are again trendy in this year. Natural stones and metal elements will be a part of decorating trends in this year.

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Colours that add Beauty to your Home…

There can’t be a better language for emotions than colors. Colors have great impact in your mood. Each colors having different meaning. There are endless possibilities in experimenting with colors. In the case of interiors either commercial or residential there are some color scheme for each room. A professional interior designer can help you in choosing the exact matching color for your home interior. They knows that this is one of the best way to transform the look of a room.

Living Room

Colors for your dream home…

Dinning Room : Colors like Red and Orange are more suited. Because these are colors of energy,warmth and stability and also it stimulates the apitate.

Living Room : Colors like Orange, green and brown are good. These are colors of energy, stability, nature and very practical.

Bed Room : Pink, green, blue and purple are more suited. These are calming and restful colors. These are the colors of love.

Kitchen : Yellow is mostly used in kitchen. Yellow is the color of sunshine and energy.

Light colors are always better for ceiling. A combination of these colors are also used in home interiors. A good interior designer can help you to design the right proportion of colors.

You can discuss with your designer about your color concept and your favourite colours. Then they can easily select and design according to your taste.

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How to make the Room feel Spacious?

Home is a place we all love to spent our free time and it is a place where we want to return to. It is said that our home reflects our personality. An interior designer can help you to make your house into a dream home. He can help to decorate or renovate your small space rooms to a comfortable one. There are some tips to make your small rooms into spacious rooms. The furniture, paint color, rugs, mirrors and everything matters.

Living Room Interior

Each object in the room plays a big role in designing a room weather it is small or big.

Use lighter colors for smaller rooms and furniture. Which makes the room feel bigger.
Use some light weight furniture like a sleek sofa and chairs. Always leave a little space in between wall and furniture.

Round tables are better for your dinnig room when there is not enough space. When dealing with small rooms arrange the furniture in one corner so people will get a passage. If possible use linen like lightweight material for curtains, which will increase the airiness in the room. If you go for a wallpaper or a painting then use one wall for that and leave the rest of the room.
Use of mirrors gives more light to the room. So place it in an appropriate height.

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